Online Examination

Will students have an opportunity to write their mock online before the start of the main exams?
Yes, the Council would collaborate with various schools for candidates to try their hands on the demo questions in their schools computer labs before the main exams takes off.
What happens when there is power outage, will students lose their work?
Can you change your answers
Will the practical exams also be digitalized?
Do we have to go to the exams hall with pens and papers?
Can candidates enter the examination hall at any time?
What happens if a candidate mistakenly clicks on the submit button?
Can a person impersonate a candidate?
How will candidates participate in the online exams when the school has no accredited computer lab?
What happens when candidates are more than available/functional computers in the lab?
Will the results of the examination be known immediately after submitting the final work?

Please Note

Due to periodic update of the system, the video you see may not be exactly as you would see when you sit for your exams.

What is quaranteed is that features and functionalities remain the same.

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